Price for debt collection in Russia

How much costs debt collection process in Russia?

When you have debt in Russia you think not only about how operately to recover your money but also how much recovery process will cost. There is wide spread opinion, that Russian debt collection process is very expensive because of market specifics, language barrier and distances.

We can confirm, that because of market specifics the costs could be higher than in Europe or USA, but when debt collecting process is well organized and smart, the debt collection in Russia seems not expensive in comparison with other emerging markets.

Important to notice, that creditor does not have to participate personaly to iniciate the debt collecting case both in pre-trail or trail methods.


Costs of pre-trail debt collection


For pre-trail debt collection period we are charging registration fee and success fee.

Registration fee covers the minimal expenses of our experts to evaluate debtors situation (economical status, assets), debt status, check creditor provided data etc. Registration fee usually varies from 250 - 500 EUR, depending on difficulty and capasity of the case.

Pre-trail collection actions are accomplishing on success fee basis - that means that you pay when you receive the result. Our success fee in Russian market is from 20% to 45% (for difficult cases) and the actual figure depends on the complexity of the case, the time of the commission payment and the method of debt payment to the customer.


Costs of trail debt collection


The price for qualified attorney in Russia is aproximately 135 - 180 EUR (150 - 200 USD) per hour. For big capasity works there is possibility to agree for projects based pricing. Also depending on the situation, the could be combined payment method of project hourly payment and success fee.


Every case has its speciffics and needs closer expertise. Please contact us and register your case - we will sent you offer: