1. Evaluate the debtor's condition and select the most effective tools of debt recovery: We evaluate the debtor's financial condition and ability to repay the debt (solvency, available assets, debtor's possible actions to prepare for bankruptcy, etc.).

We aim to make the payment of your debt a priority for the debtor.

2. Save your money: Cross-border debt recovery is expensive due to the lawyers' hourly fees and the length of the proceedings. When the amount of debt is not large, the cost of litigation can easily exceed the amount of debt. Even after you have settled your debt in court, there is no guarantee that you will get the debt and expenses recovered. We evaluate the debtor's solvency and assist in finding debt settlement solutions. We recommend judicial recovery only if there is no possibility of pre-trial debt recovery and considering that the debtor has assets to cover the debt and court costs.

3. There is no direct conflict with the debtor: in the case of judicial recovery of debts, this is often the end of the relationship between the parties. We represent your interests in the debt recovery process, so you avoid direct conflict with the debtor.


Why pre-trail debt collection abroad is effective?

Recognition of debt as bad and writing off bad debts

Register your debt and we will send you offer:

Debt that can no longer be recovered and / or the process of recovering it will cost more than the amount of the debt can be recognized as bad debt and written off.


We prepare documentation for debt recognition as bad debt, helping to reduce the fees you pay for amounts you cannot recover.


For bad debts write-offs to Mail: skolos@moneyback.lt


All types of debt collection abroad - EU countries, Norway, Russia, Ukraine

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MoneyBack.lt team is experienced and innovative debt recovery lawyers, attorneys and tax professionals.

MoneyBack.lt team has more than 9 years of experience in specialized debt recovery in foreign countries and represented  public companies and municipalities, transportation and construction companies, individual persons in process of debt collection.

With a well-developed foreign debt collection process and a network of trusted partners, we can offer operate and effective debt recovery. We will assist you with:

  • Debt recovery in Russia
  • Debt recovery in Italy
  • Debt recovery in Norway
  • Debt recovery in Sweden
  • Debt recovery in Denmark
  • Debt recovery in Germany
  • Debt recovery in United Kingdom